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UPBGE is a fork of the Blender Game Engine which wants to improve features and fix bugs.



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UPBGE Download UPBGE Documentation UPBGE Github UPBGE Python API
Download a precompiled version of UPBGE using http or bittorrent protocols. Take a look on releases notes and known bugs. Our Git repository. Click here to access to our gitweb interface. Take a look at the new features in the python API documentation.

Contact our team

IRC : Freenode #upbgecoders #upbgeusers
Mail :
Porteries Tristan : tristan@upbge.fr
Gros Alexis : alexis.gros99@gmail.com
Manceau Thibaut : thibaut@upbge.fr

About the project

Why we have forked the BGE ?

We think that a forked and up to date version of the BGE is necessary to improve the engine and make it more competitive with the other game engines, and at least free engines like ogre and crystalspace. Thanks to a shorter developement cycles we can accept the last patchs in a more dynamic behaviour.
We want to give more freedom to active developers to take the essentials modifications that the BGE need.
To get informations about the situation of the project, click here.

Our goals

With this fork, we purpose an other development cycle which is spread on one month:

  • 3 weeks to add features
  • 1 week to correct bugs and write the documentation

The review rules

To reach this speed, we want to make reviews more efficiently with these rules :

  • Each review delay must not take more than one week ;
  • If a developer reject a patch and that he doesn't reply after the limited time of the rewiew, an other can take his seat and continue the review ;
  • If the author of the patch is not longer active after a first reject during more than the limited review time, the patch will be considerated like archived until reopening.

About the compatibility :

Compatibility is limited to 2 versions. All problems in relation with compatibility must be well documented.

The code's style :

We have in our website a reviewed version of the blender code style which add some precisions about C++ specificities.

The patches :

Patchs must be smalls : one goal, one modification, and we encourage you to make branch as much as possible. No cleaning of features in the same patch.
After five successful patches, the author developers can obtain commits rights.